Steampunk style living room with decorations; Strontium!
Just enjoy the set!​

Set Includes
• Sofa
• Loveseat
• Living Chair
• Coffee Table
• Console
• Table Lamp
• Hourglass
• Gear Wheels
• Painting
• Rug
: You can find the all objects of this set by typing " Strontium " in search section of game.
Color Swatch
: 3
Created for
: The Sims 4

  Term of Use

 - You can do recolor without including mesh.

 - Please don't convert my meshes to The Sims 3/2 or other games.

 - You can use my meshes at your building.

 - Please don't forget to give a credit to my site.


December 29, 2018

Iodine Console

December 28, 2018

Sequoia Dresser

December 29, 2018

Christmas Tree Ribbons

December 28, 2018

Sequoia Plant


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